Are you thinking about teaching golf?

Or, maybe you’re already a golf teacher.

Either way, you owe it to yourself and your students to consider the significance and importance of earning your golf teacher certification.

What does certification mean to you and to a parent or student contemplating hiring you as their golf teacher?

Basically, certification is a process that gives recognition to golf teachers who meet certain standards. It is a promise that the teacher will provide the quality services that he or she claims to offer.

Golf teachers directly affect the lives of both children and adults. For this reason, the National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors® (NRPGI™) has sought, since it’s organization in 1999, to protect the interests of this segment of the public by setting standards and training persons as golf teachers.

To ensure golf teachers meet basic standards, the NRPGI produces and administers a training and certification program consisting of 267 learning objectives with training exercises.

Golf teachers who successfully pass the program are authorized to identify themselves by the designation NRPGI-Certified.

NRPGI-Certified golf teachers are dependable and competent educators who have agreed to abide by the organization’s Code of Ethics at all times.

For a golf teacher certified by the NRPGI, the road to certification was both challenging and rewarding.

So, as you can see, when it comes to providing parents and students with the best value, certification is the golf teacher’s best friend.

Golf teachers throughout the United States and other countries are finding that with the NRPGI they always receive individualized, person-to-person attention.

You progress at your own pace. You study at home, practice the techniques with your own students at your local driving range or other suitable location and then send in your completed work for grading.

The registry will spend as much time as is necessary to help you develop your golf teaching technique.

Jump start your golf instructor career by applying for admission today!

How to Become a Certified Golf Instructor

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